Greater knowledge and involvement is needed to assure quality services and operation. For that reason this theme emphasises capacity building within targeted groups, both within the government (internal) and outside it (external).

Internal capacity building largely rests on general training sessions for government workers as well as technical training sessions for workers who are directly involved in the implementation of the Natura 2000 programme. These technical and scientific skills will ensure better implementation of managerial measures and monitoring procedures in order to obtain the data needed to manage the habitats and species appropriately.

External capacity building relates to external players and interested parties, private land owners in the main, local authorities and consultants. This is necessary to ensure that they incorporate their commitment to the implementation of Natura 2000 in their everyday operations. External capacity building consists of direct training for interested parties, train-the-trainer programmes, in which players and stakeholders share their acquired know-how with their rank and file, a public conference and the set-up of interactive e-content on Ecopedia.

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