Agency for Nature and Forests

Coordinating beneficiary

The Agency for Nature and Forests is responsible for the policy, the sustainable management and to strengthen the nature in Flanders, together with all the partners. Our mission is “more, better and together”. We seek for more nature, better nature and place nature at the center of society.

Federal Public Servive

Associated beneficiary

As a well-trained and highly motivated team, we develop a transparent, dynamic and scientifically founded policy in order to secure, now and in the future, a high-quality health, a healthy nutrition and a better environment, in co-operation with relevant partners.

Public Service Wallonia – DGO3-DGARNE

Associated beneficiary

SPW – DGARNE its main task is to manage the natural and rural heritage of Wallonia while offering axes for development in accordance with government statements in agriculture and environment sectors.


Associated beneficiary

The long term protection of important habitats, species and landscapes is the main goal of Belgium’s largest nature conservation organization. To achieve this, we buy and manage nature reserves, study species and habitats, raise awareness and run educational programs for a general and specific public and lobby local and regional governments.


Associated beneficiary

Natagora’s purpose is conservation of nature, mainly in Brussels and the Walloon region. Our principal activities include the creation and management of nature reserves and implementation of conservation programmes for endagered species and habitats and the organization of activities for public awareness.


Associated beneficiary

Inverde is the Flemish market leader in giving training sessions on forestry, green space and nature management. Our offer has something for everyone, ranging from the professional nature administrator to the nature leisure lover. Safety and profound knowledge are key in all our educations.



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Working together

Besides common approaches and actions, each project beneficiary has its own objectives and actions based on their respective PAF, related to the regional characteristics for nature and to the regional policies and procedures or to site specific aspects for the areas under their competence.

The benefits of working in team

  • exchange of experience
  • integrated approach
  • create synergy
  • create catalysations